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Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top

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My Swingers Personals in Maury city for any Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top caused by the way I screwed up the numbering on the first story I posted from this series.

As my draft approached seven hundred pages, I realized that the single story I envisioned starting with was too long and too complicated to remain a single story. The novel-length adventures I am working on thus far are numbered:. My intent is to take many of the core characters introduced in A Caribbean Adventure and further develop their destinies in each of the other stories as well as introduce some additional characters as we go.

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Desertlickingdog at yahoo dot com. East Coast Slavers Organization — I: This tale chronicles the continuing adventures of Aaron Clarke.

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As this story begins, it hints at an just completed escapade with an old friend that drastically changed his life. Midvay had been in a failing marriage and stuck in a dead-end job with his overbearing father-in-law.

A chance meeting Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top a friend from his military days, Steve Austin, brought Aaron an offer he couldn't refuse. Steve needed help on a rush revenge contract where a Philippine client wanted a nosy and libelous newspaper reporter captured, humiliated, and presented to him as a broken sex slave. The exhilarating middzy, the free access of women to satisfy any sexual craving, and the promises of riches tempted him to broke free of his boring existence.

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He meets his wife, time passes and Aaron's life becomes grinding, mindless existence until Aaron meets his old friend Steve Austin. The Caribbean Adventure then kicks off with Aaron setting out on his own to Miami, Florida where Woman looking nsa McCool Junction establishes an east coast franchise of his friend's slaving operation.

Business and adventure literally fall his way as Aaron sets about creating identities, bases of operations, and a client base; all accomplished with the guidance of his partner Middah Austin. Early on, Aaron discovers that various illegal enterprises present him an opportunity for acquiring stock womencash, and other enticements mdday good to pass up.

Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top windfall of millions of dollars and the easy acquisition of slaves leads to a reanalysis wjth his business ethics and personal morals.

Aaron Clarke determines that it is so easy to find prey worthy of punishment that he adjusts his business model accordingly, punishing the guilty and using his wity gains to help others; all immensely sexy women that remain available for his enjoyment. Aaron Clarke sees himself as an honorable scoundrel in a good world that is being co-opted by powerful thugs without morals.

He feels that a man's worth is projected for all to see based upon the value of his Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top and a simple set of manners. On his ethical scale, poor manners are usually worse than murder. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

As he sees it, at least most murder victims probably contributed somehow to their demise; where poor manners victimize people who haven't yet demonstrated that they violate any of Aaron's commandments. Yes this is a twisted view of life; but keep in mind that Aaron Clarke is a kidnapper, a rapist, an executioner, a judge and jury ready to punish with nsx retribution, and a slaver.

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If he wants to view himself as a modern day pirate version of Robin Hood and pretend that he protects innocent souls, then who dares judge him to his face; certainly not I. Character Listing and Basic Data.

Laurena's babysitter on ocean voyage and in France. Steve Austin aka 'El Gigante'.

Piccadilly Rose bartender blonde, mid-west, 26, chunky, lbs, D cup. James Lee's Girlfriend, undercover agent, Customs Immigration. Florida law enforcement representative 27, 5'6", lbs, athletic. goox

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Florida Bureau of Statewide Prosecution rep 26, 5'6", lbs. Miami-Islands charter pilot 50, brunette, slim, lbs, B.

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College student at University of Miami 22, blonde. College student at University of Miami 22, brunette. Banco Portugues Do Atlantico: Bank with John Rice's account. Bank with Robert Morgan's account. Vacationers at Witb Islands Estate: Retired slaver and business tycoon 68 and a tri-athlete. Parmenio de Jesus Morales: Captain, aka "El Ingeniero", Hispanic with black hair. First Mateaka "El Nato", Hispanic with black hair.

Cartel member, aka "La Fecha"Hispanic with black hair. Caribbean Drug Trafficker's and Intermediaries: A couple of months prior, he had bumped into an old friend in Los Angeles and an unexpected business opportunity arose from the encounter.

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Now, just months later, Aaron is in the midst of establishing a center of operations for an international shipping business. His friend, Steve Austin, Wantinv for Aaron to head an east coast office of his company in Coral Gables, just south of Miami, Florida. When Aaron and Steve met that night in Los Angeles, Aaron was thirty years old and stuck in a dead-end job working with his soon-to-be ex-father-in-law.

Their not so great relationship had become a lot worse as Aaron's ugly divorce proceeded. Aaron now associated his soon-to-be-ex's name, Veronica, with everything wrong with modern womanhood.

Don't be misled, Aaron didn't hate the fair sex, he just no longer placed any woman automatically on a pedestal. Miday and Veronica have no chance of reconciliation.

Their divorce will be final in another six months or so. Since marrying the bitch Veronica in case anyone could ever forgethe worked with his father-in-law. His job was a wiyh of sales representative, factory worker, and all around gopher to the domineering old fart. Veronica's dad was a piece of work. His perfect little jewel — Veronica — was born Free Milwaukee Wisconsin fuck chat in his life and an only child.

Her mother died soon after her birth in a deadly front-end encounter with a drunk driver one afternoon as she headed to pre-school to pick bood her toddler, Veronica. Ralph Morton had plodded along for years outside Detroit with his labeling and cardboard box business.

Through all Watning years, his primary attention focused Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top Veronica, the business came second.

Aaron later became convinced that Ralph completely fucked them both up. By doting on the brat, she evolved into a useless fixture; a Wantinb on society.

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His poor business acumen, coupled with his lack of focus, left his business stagnant for two decades. He provided adequately for his small family, but there was no chance of making any real profits.

Aaron first met Veronica Morton after his return home from his enlistment and back-to-back tours in Bosnia and Serbia. He had been a Marine sniper alongside his best friend, Steve Austin.

The assignment had been pure hell, hence his initial depression as he arrived back home to Michigan. No matter what Lady wants sex CA Modesto 95354 in later years, there was no grateful nation to meet Aaron and his fellow marines and soldiers as they drifted home from peacekeeping duties.

The older of the two by a little over six years, Aaron was long gone when Veronica hit the Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top scene and he never knew the true bitch she had become.

He had only been home a few weeks before he kept noticing the beautiful girl as he wandered, somewhat aimlessly, around his hometown suburb, trying to figure out what to do with his life. He finally just approached her and asked her out for a coffee and either a movie or something low-key if they clicked. She immediately said yes.

Veronica was actually flattered that this hunk of a Biggers yasuck me n ill lick u would pay attention to her.

After all, he was twenty-seven, way buff and looking good after nine years of military service. Nobody in her little self-sufficient suburb would dare Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top approach her.

Fear of rejection and humiliation at the hands of the bitch Ice Queen kept everyone at bay. Therefore, despite her beauty, she was frustrated and vulnerable. Everyone else in town had learned the hard way that she could fight like an alley cat and viciously destroy whoever got in her Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top.

Aaron was blissfully unaware of this. Their first night together, Veronica pushed him forcefully against his car as they left the coffee shop where they had talked for hours. She forced her tongue into his mouth and brazenly slid her hands across his broad back.

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At twenty, she too so alienated herself and pushed herself up onto an unreachable plateau that she never had the chance to become as aroused as she was now. Her heart was throbbing and she could actually feel her breasts ache and swell.

Aaron was fully aware of her lush breasts. He had been watching her perfect form all night, trying hard not to leer as he kept the conversation going. She was dressed conservatively, but elegantly, especially for such a young girl.

Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top

Unlike her outfit that evening, Veronica was no longer acting conservative or tentative. Aaron felt his control slipping as the gorgeous young woman's hands eagerly clutched Wanting nsa midday sex with a good top his Ansted wv swinger. Swinging. and her tongue danced around his mouth. His more than adequate cock started to throb and twitch into life in his silk boxers. Meanwhile, Veronica felt nearly faint from desire, and she slumped forward against Aaron's chest.

Her eyes watched as her hands, seemingly of their own volition, pulled his shirttails free of his slacks.