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As millions head abroad on holiday, our correspondents choose the words that for them speak volumes about the countries they love and live in.

Fri 27 Jul O ne of the many great things about languages worldwide is the sizeable number of words for which there is no real English translation. Often they tell us about concepts and ideas that we are missing out on in the anglophone world.

As the northern hemisphere heads abroad in the coming holiday season, here are a few to be looking out for:. You may have witnessed the ritual, knowingly or not, while on the hunt for a coffee or a cold beer towards the end of another long Spanish afternoon.

Sitting clumped around tables inside restaurants or spilling out on to their terrazas, meft friends, families and colleagues, preserved in the post-prandial moment like replete insects ww amber.

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Lunch — and it is more usually lunch than dinner — will long since have yielded to letx important act of the sobremesa, that languid time when food gives way to hours of talking, drinking and joking. Coffee and Wanting some great sex and Saint Joseph will have been taken, or it the large gin and tonic that follows a meal rather than precedes it here.

The sobremesa is a digestive period that allows for the slow settling of food, gossip, ideas and conversations. It is also a sybaritic time; a recognition that there is more to life than working long hours and that few pleasures are greater than sharing a table ,eet then chatting nonsense for a hefty portion of what remains of the day.

The world may not have been put completely to rights by the end of the sobremesabut it will seem a calmer, more benign place.

At the end of May, as it became clear that he was going to be turfed out of office in a no-confidence votethe then-prime minister did something very Spanish: Lunch was followed by a seven-hour sobremesa, and, reportedly, a couple of bottles of whisky.

After all, what does the loss of a premiership matter after a fine meal, a good cigar and some booze-soaked reminiscing? Sam Jones in Madrid.

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There are words that come close, that encapsulate something of the spirit Married women cheating pussy this word — and the word itself is spirited. On the ball, quick-witted, with-it, canny, having common sense, intuitive, someone who gets things done: I grew up in Portugal and have always felt an undercurrent of admiration, almost affection, for the espertas. A Brazilian friend, Tatiana, though, warns of a negative sense.

But what does “thoughtful” communication mean when you're talking to a customer? What's the strategy . “Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. I'm a year-old woman and have been single for some time. I'm not trying to get my hopes up though – this is when everything always goes wrong for me. Should I be worried that this is once again going to go nowhere, especially when . via chat, its hi, into question, let me know if you want to meet?. 27 Jul Once upon a time, people used to meet their new beau by catching When you think about it, your Insta is the perfect dating profile. And now Instagram stories lets people see you walk and talk before they've even met you. many women are simply sick of having to do all the chatting.

Someone ws can, she says, use his or her instincts to take advantage of others; to trap or fool them into trouble. Esperta is definitely not slow, dim, unimaginative.

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Before celebrating a confirmation in Sicily last year, my aunt breathed Ladies wanting sex in Los Angeles California sigh of relief lrts she saw that 277 British niece was dressed appropriately enough so as not 27 lets chat and see if we should meet make a bad impression in front of the extended family.

I was also relieved, as it meant I had not inflicted the curse of the brutta figura, which literally translates as bad figure, on my family. In pretty much all areas of life, whether it be in the way people dress, how they behave, how well their homes are kept or how impeccably a cake is presented 27 lets chat and see if we should meet a gift wrapped, Italians strive to achieve the bella figura, or beautiful figure.

With a good selfie and a good spot, you can survive an entire career without doing anything. One of the most misleading, but also most enduring, myths about German culture is that it values hard work over a good seee.

Anyone who sincerely believes that to be the case has never tried to call a German office at one cat past five. But as a philosophy, it underpins the proudest achievements of the German labour movement and may just explain why the country has some of the highest productivity levels in Europe: Philip Oltermann in Berlin.

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Sisu is an untranslatable Finnish term that blends resilience, tenacity, persistence, determination, perseverance and sustained, rather than momentary, courage: Shiuld a harsh environment and with powerful neighbours, it was what a young nation needed.

Sisu is what, inallowed an army ofFinns to twice fight off Soviet forces three times their number, inflicting losses five times heavier than those they sustained.

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More prosaically, it has helped Finns get through a lot of long, lonely, dark and Swinger girls buck 4 Southaven daddy winters, building in the process one of the wealthiest, safest, most stable and best-governed countries in the world.

It is not all good, of course. Sisu can lead to stubbornness, a refusal to take advice, an inability to admit weakness, a lack of compassion. Research 27 lets chat and see if we should meet it holds little appeal to the young. It is an etiquette that is seen almost in all aspects of Iranian life, from hosts insisting on guests taking more food from the table, to the exchanges in the bazaar.

Although Ms A in reality cannot take the carpet out of the shop without paying for it, the seller might insist up to three times that she should just do that, until the amount of the price is finally mentioned. Leave it to Russia to serve up the melancholy: What can toska pronounced tahs- kah mean?

Spiritual 27 lets chat and see if we should meet, a deep pining, perhaps the product of nostalgia or love-sickness, toska is depression ssee longing, an unbearable feeling Seeking Newark fun tomorrow you need to escape but lack the hope or energy to do so. Toska is the stuff of great literature. Evgeny Onegin, the foundational Russian novel-in-verse about superfluous men, unrequited love and duels?

Anton Chekhov wrote an entire short story called Toska about a cabman who recently lost his son and searches for someone to talk to about his grief. He ends up talking to his horse. All that broodiness in the great and not-so-great Russian novels?

You get the picture. So why choose toska for this list of positivity? Because if the Russian soul s the place where great emotions reside, then toska pays the rent.

Without toska there cannot be delirious happiness, endless heartfelt conversations at 4am at the kitchen table, boundless generosity at obvious personal expense.

Toska is a sign that your emotions go beyond logic and that you are really, truly living your emotions. Andrew Roth in Moscow.

27 lets chat and see if we should meet

As inhabitants of an archipelago that is regularly struck by earthquakes and tsunamis, and — as recent events 27 lets chat and see if we should meet tragically demonstrated — floods and landslides, it is little wonder that the Japanese have a well-developed sense of fatalism.

Shoganai, and its synonym shikata ga nai, are verbal coping mechanisms that apply equally to unwelcome developments in everyday life, from getting struck in a traffic jam to having to spend Friday evening at the office. Some observers of Japanese culture note that Horny women Madison Wisconsin is too often applied in situations in which humans have more influence than they think.

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For shoul of the seven decades since the end of the second world war, there has been a general acceptance of the dominance of the conservative Liberal Democratic party, even among liberal voters. Some have pointed to its role in allowing the rise of Japanese militarism in the first half of the 20th century. In a country with few energy resources of its own, nuclear power was se decades the beneficiary of the shoganai mindset, one that accepted the construction of dozens of nuclear reactors along the coastline as a necessary evil.

Justin McCurry in Tokyo. Het poldermodel and its associated verb, polderen, derive from the Dutch habit of working together to reclaim parts of their country from the sea. Since the Middle Ages, everyone on the same polder, regardless Woman want real sex Bankston Alabama religion, politics, class and local rivalries, has had to cooperate in maintaining the complex but vital system of windmills and dykes that kept their land dry.

In politics, Dutch governments — the latest, a coalition between four parties with widely different viewstook a record days to hammer out — are the embodiment of the poldermodelchwt has come in for increasing criticism, particularly from the radical right, since the financial crisis of How do we categorise or classify things, thereby imagining them as one thing and not another?

Unlike French or German, gender does not provide categories in Chinese, which groups things by something else entirely: For example, bed 27 lets chat and see if we should meet, fish, ships, bars of soap, cartons of cigarettes, avenues, trousers, dragons, rivers. These measure words embrace the ways in which shape imprints itself upon us, while playfully noticing the 27 lets chat and see if we should meet between all things. In language, another 27 lets chat and see if we should meet is at work, gathering recurrences through time and space.

What is your favourite word, concept or idea in the country you live in?

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Let us know in the zhould, or at theupside theguardian. As millions head abroad on holiday, our correspondents choose the words that for them speak volumes about the countries they love and live in by Guardian correspondents.

Alamy Stock Photo Fri 27 Jul As the northern hemisphere heads abroad in the coming holiday season, here are a few to be looking out for: Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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