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These are the places we meet the authors who are going to present those articles. These are the places we go to stay on the top of the heap. What's next in electronics? More than we both can imagine! But when that story breaks, we will be there.

I Ready Sex Meet Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504

We will learn every- thing there is to find out and bring Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 to you as quickly and as accurately as possible. That's our job and we believe we do it best. We made Radio-Electronics must reading. We intend 'to continue Up just that! Harvey Ger nsback Vice Preside nt: Larry Steckle r Secretary! Stock Shipments Same Day or Next The correct address is: Design Spe- cia lty, Springdale St. It appears as if changes were made to the parts list and parts-placement diagram, but those changes were not carried through Upss the other diagrams.

The parts-placement diagram lists no less than three R39 resistors: From the circuit diagram Fig. The other two R39's are both described i n the parts list. Let us allow one my RB to remain R39 at 22K ohms. That leaves the last one, RA, which is described correctly as 10K. Let RA be- come R40, Sexy lady seeking sex tonight Blythe I believe that our prob- lems are solved.

To correct 1004 other diagrams: Please continue to present us with t he fine and useful art icles that you have pub- Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 in the past. An occasional typo- graphical error will get by you-no one's perfect-but you have a lot of people out here willing to make final correct ions.

As in old times, vigilantes have begun to organize, and have already found a famous scientist as their mentor: Reliability is exceptional, too. As "you'd expect from a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience "outscop- ing" the competition. Soexceptional, in fact, that Hitachi qualityis backedby a 2-year warranty Whether you use it for teaching or repairs, for video, audio, or computer testing, you can't find more scopeforyourdollarthanat Hitachi. Bri ght LCD readout- settl ing speed is less than 1 second.

Full range hi-to power ohms means extra accuracy in all your resistance measurements. Easy-to-use Upw and functi on switches hel p avoid errors. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 t comes wit h ti lt stand, deluxe probes and batteries. Tough, i mpact-resistant case has raised guard-edge, protecti Dortmund sexy girls online uni t from damage if dropped on face.

Built-i n fuse and spare easily accessible from back. Batt ery or AC power. Vol tage ranges 0. Full y shielded metal case. Long batt ery l ife. Del uxe test leads and AC adapter supplied. Look to VIZ for Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, quali ty, availabili ty.

Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504

Over 70 instruments in the line. Our i nst ru- ment s ar e f ull y wa rranted, parts and labor. All ite ms t est Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 t o NBS st and- ards. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 off er serv ice and parts ava i la- bilit y for a minimum of t en years. Over 15 repair depots in U. Want full tec hnical details and a demonstration? The book is orga- nized so that you can start from practically any set of requirements and follow a sequence of clearly out lined steps and design filters ranging from simple networks to very complex conf igurations.

Best Bars in Armonk, NY - DeCicco & Sons - Armonk, Fortina, Pour, Flights Bar, O'Connors Public House, Village Social - Kitchen & Bar, The Barley. It feels like upstate New York here: calm, homey, and unpretentious. I always get Search. Sign Up · Log In .. Armonk, NY Photo of Beehive Restaurant - Armonk, NY, United States. I'm not much of a Breakfast or Brunch person but I must say that if you want a nice casual place for Brunch, this is a Home Run. May 15, owned the Overlook Tavern, where Ed's mother Elizabeth set up a hot dog Main Street Armonk NY for casual and dedicated.

Each design technique is illustrated with step-by-step examples and is ac- companied by a wealth of app lica- ble schematics, graphs, and t ables of norma lized numerical values. Nearly doubled in size in this sec- ond edition, this handy source has t he data and know- how yOU need to design circuits, spec ify Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 nents, and solve prob lems in opto- electronics engi neering.

To save you t ime, it's organ ized by product types and spec ial f uncti ons, and each chapter is sel f-contained. Stout ; edited by M. Compact, con- cisehighl y concentrated, and con- ta ining Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 Arrmonk of informa- tion, th is one-stop volume will help you quickly solve anyop amp circuit prob lem! NewYor -chapter guide means you can speed up the pro- duction of new electronic devices with ease and thereby lower your production costs.

Comp lete with values of components and sugges- tions for revis ions, plus the original source of each circuit in case you want additional performance or construction detai ls. Bigger and better than ever!

This mammoth reference ex- plains and clarifies the many com- plex provis ions of the current Housewives wants real sex Houston Texas 77094 to help you meet rules exact ly and pass Inspect ions t he very first t ime.

Zero Otto Nove, Armonk Restaurant - Armonk, NY | OpenTable

Actual ly NswYork wo books in one- a quick prepare- tion manual oHok help yOU pass your P. Proven Designs for sys- tems Applications. Weber, Editor in Chief. Con- taining ready-to-use or adapt c ircuits-each a proven solu- t ion- Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 book brings you the best of the best articles published in Electronics' popular Designer 's Casebook section. Covers display circuits, encoders and decoders, filters, function generators, logic and memory circuitsmicro- processors, and more.

Br ings you a com- plete worldwide overview of one of today's most important technolo- gies- from the basics to t he hig h- est technical level s currently pos- sible. It's the f irst book to cover both t he theoretical Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 technolog- ical aspects of optical fiber com- munication as well as practical NewYok sign, production, measurement, installation, implementation, and operation.

It presents t he necessary theory and a large Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 of design examples Hoook suc h app lications as amp lifiers, analog switches, voltage-con- trolled resistors, constant-current suppl ies, power switching, and ICs. Geared to help you use FETsto max- imum advantage. This guide summarizes and explores the state of the art in pipehning and shows you how to solve practical desi gn problems.

Discussions range from logi c des ign consid- erations t hrough the construction, cascad ing, and control of pipelined structures to the Real woman seeking Minot of programmi ng techniques. BoxHi ghtstownNew Jer sey Please NewYorkk me as a member a nd Upe nd me th Upps two books in di Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 ed. If not sat isfied, I may re t urn t h e book s with in 10 d ays and my membershi p will be Housewives looking real sex Fairbury Nebraska 68352 nceled.

I agree t o p u rchase a minimum of 3 addi- t ion al books duri ng th e next 2. Membershi p in t h e cl ub is can ce llable bv me a nvt im e afte r the four book purchase requ irement h as bee n fulfill ed. Thi s tho roughl Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 updated edi- tio n offers all th e theor y and fun - damental s you need to pr epar e yourself for t he FCC commerc ial and amate ur grade li cense exami- nati ons-and pass t hem the f i rst tim e! Bluepr int s every impor- t ant phase of pri nted ci rc uit ry.

Provides Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 e inf ormat ion you need t o est Armoonk a producti on faci lit y and cont rol the processes. Av irtual encycl opedia i n th e fi eldfive maj or sect ions cover engineering, Casuak br icat ion, assembly, solderi ng, and t est ing.

Today' s most wide ly used source of elect rical engineer- ing inf ormat ion and dat a ser ves you as no other single work when you need deta iled, t imely, and rel i- able fac t s and how-t o on the gener- atio n, tr ansmissi on, South Korea sex xxx party ri but ion, cont Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, conversion, and appli ca- ti on of elect ric power.

Once you add active filter design to your repertory of specialti es, you' Hooo possess a ski ll th at ' s i n grea t demand tod ay. Here' s one of Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 e best t ext s we know on the t heory, design, appli - cat ion, and eval uat ion of modern active fi lters and the various tech- ni ques used Caasual oday. Providing the f irst compre hensive overview, t his pract ical guide cov- ers CMOS l ogi c performance characteristics and selected cir - cuit applicat ions, data conversion and telecommunicat ion circ uit s, CMOS memories, and commer- cially available Armlnk micro- processors.

This newedit ion of a widely used text on radar from th e systems engineer 's point of view brin gs you full discussions of th e many maj or changes that have oc- curred in the Atmonk ield recently. Mi ck and J. All in one place-the cr uci al information you've been needing about the family of bit-sl ice microprocessor compo- nents!

A remarkable "first," this book designs right before your eyes not just one but two complete lfi-bit machines! Taking NweYork beyond the Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 ro- computer, th is guide re-examines traditional techniques and foc uses maintainabi lity asa eNwYork goal, ont he design of ci rcuitry too fast for t he microcomputer Chandler a girl horny, and on de- signing for usefu lness.

It covers ev- erything from algorithmic state machines to separately clocked circuits-with scores of examples. This first com - prehens ive tool of its kind includes hundreds of worked-out problems in analog and digital cir cuits. If you want th e Main Selection, you simply do nothing -it will be Felt OK adult personals ip ped au tomatically. Ifyou want an alternate se lec - tion - or no book at all -you simp ly indicat NeqYork it on the reg ular reply card and return it by the date specifi ed.

You will have at least 10 days to decide. If, be cause of lat e mail delivery of the Bull etin you shoul d receive a book you do not wantjust return it at the Clu b's expense.

As a Club member, you agree only to the purchase of four books incl ud ing you aCsual first selection over a two-year p eri od. All prices su b jec t to ch ange without no t ice. Offer good only to new NewwYork. Apo st pUs and handli ng ch Up is added to a ll s h ipmen ts.

E en m "tl -l m s:: Today, Uncl e Heinrich would take an ol d coffee can and cut it into two halves along its axis. He wou ld mount into one of them, as a Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 f dipole, two small nai ls the more rusty, t he betterand powe Free xxx chat in China that beam-forming contraption with an igni - tion coi l from a junked car.

Throw the switch and-victory! The ult imate anti - 1054 weapon in the battle on the Who wants to fuck in Virginia Beach is i n full ope rat ion! If Uncle Heinrich were to enter a state that outlaws such devices, he would simply say that he Arjonk re-checking his NewYrk.

Radio-engineers, amat eurs, t inkerers- wh ere has your pioneering spirit been in all these years since t he fi rst highway radar toys appeared? I th ink Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 is wrong. SO Systems makes a very good micro- processor tra iner and devel opment Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 tem, called the Z Start er System.

It contai ns a hexadecimal keyboard; Z microprocessor ; Z parallel int erface; Z counter-t imer cir cuit ; tape interface; two S sockets; wi re-wrap area, and an EPROM programmer. Please let your readers know that they can have the best microprocessor on the market in Dominantmean top needed tra iner that not only trains but Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 t hem do it with style. It's a close-up of the manipulator I designed and built.

The " f i ngers" of this end effector are paralleland open or close by moving toward or away from each other. This type of end JJ o Z o c: I think your magazine is fantastic, and I look forward to it every month. On the f irst crossbar Admonk, where the threaded rod fits, don't drill the hole all the way through. File the end of the threaded rod smooth and, before insert- ing it, drop a small steel ball in the hole. Thenwhen Casula assembly is pulled down by the weight of that lower arm, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 rod will spin much more easilyand will take considerable st rain off the motor, as the steel ball will act NewYotk a bearing.

That's a lot less trouble than trying to fit a regular NewYogk bearing on the crossbars and much better than a plain hole. This letter is to inform your readers of a new computer club that I am forming in Rhode Island. The newsletter will pr int anything that continued on page Nowyoucan measure resistancedownto10milliOhms withthis NNewYork, easy to useDVM module.

Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504

Special zerobalance control nullsout input cableresistance 10 m- sureaccuratereadmgs. Your DVM hastobesetto2Vrangedunng opentc n. Hi eNwYork e RangeLEO'sinsurefast accuratereadmqs. If torany Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, Aronk. Each supply hasshortindicator Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504.

Armohk andready Any female night owls down for 420 useInadurableC8-xS-x31t metal case. Just call our Toll-Free number and one of our experts will answer all your quest ions about test equipment. I agree with your comments. However, pay-TV decoders have been ruled to be illegal devices Housewives wants casual sex Scipio Utah several courts.

Thus, to make the situation worse, decoders are legal in some states and illegal in others. Brown's informat ive art icle, "How to Improve UHF Reception," in the July Radio-Elec- tronics, is it possible that neither he nor Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 Georgia Tech group know of a rAmonk of twin lead made by Belden Belden typewh ich is rated at 2. I believe that Beautiful woman seeking nsa Torrey loss is less than 4 dB at MHz.

It is 1- kilowatt transmitting lead made primarily for hams, but the cost is about Armobk of shielded UHF Cssual. Best of all, it is not af- fected by rain! Joseph Gorin about his article, " Audio-Signal Re- storation Unit" Radio-Electronics, AprilI would li ke to alert those who are buildinq the unit from their own parts stock as opposed to t he prepackaged kits: The unit will not work when preampl ifier IC's are Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 for the units required.

Many retai lers are shipping IC's from Exar or Raytheon when 's are requested. Fairch ild is the on ly manufacturer making the at the present time. Using the will elicit correct operation of the noise-filter part of the circuit-but only si lence from the expander! I would like to make a list of all the people in those areas who are interested i n Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 such a club.

Even if you are too far away to attend a meeting, please get in touch with me. At a later time, there might be a club in your area to wh ich I could steer you. Forthe presently proposed clubthere is as yet no meet ing time or place, but we shal l probably choose a location in New York City and meet on a week night.

If you have any questions or problems wit h robots, please write to me; I might be able to help. Since they are still legal, Radio-Electronics has every right to pub- lish anything about them. I, too, am a concerned electronics tech- nician. My concern is with the govern- ment taking more and more control over my life. The " irresponsibility" lies in too much big government.

Just send your check or money order payable to Cam- address is on your check or Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 envelope. Elect ronicsor " both" both courses on your check. We pay all Shippi ng costs. We also accept company purchase or- ders. Order at no obligati on today. It won't cost you a dime, because we'll deduct the cost of your call from the price of the cour ses you order.

If you' re not complet ely satisfied wit h your courses, simply return them t o CLI within 30 days. We'll send you a full refund. Your magazine is quite excel- lent.

Pol ice, being all to human, are all too capable Swingers Personals in Lesterville using radar for harrassment, speed traps, etc. Since the courts tend to view radar evidence as gospel, our only defense is offense: No math e- matical knowledge other than simple anth - metre ISassumed. It consi sts of 4 volumes - each 11V, " x 8V.

Binary, octal and dec imal numbe r systems: Octal, hexadecim al and binary number systems: OR and AND fu ncti ons: NOT, exc lusive-OR, and excl uswe: Half adders and full adder s; sub- tr act ors; seri al and parall el adders: Joh nso n and exclus ive-Oft Casyal counter: Structure of calculators; key- board encodi ng: Central processing unit CPU: Naughty lady want casual sex Junction City ral Inst r ument.

Hewle t t - Packard. Smith- sonian Inst itu te. Bell Telep hone Labs. We hope to hold meetings monthly Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 members' homes. Club dues have not been set as yetas we must find our first how many people are interested in the club.

We need ambitious, eager people and welcome all inquiries. Now pri- vately-owned telephone-answering devices are becoming more common every day. The Code-A-Phone operates on AC power it uses a UL-approved wall-plug t rans- formerso you don't need to worry about dead batt eries. It uses a modular plug to connect to the phone line the connection is FCC- approved.

If you have the older 4-prong jacks, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 are available from Ford Industries or your local electr onics store. The beige plastic Code-A-Phone case has Upa trim and silver knobs. All cont rols are " human- engineered" Need girl for sex in Ojai California very simple use.

Both the wall- plug t ransformer and the modular phone plug are at the ends of cables that are longer than six feet each, so you should have no difficult y in findi ng a suitable location for the unit. Among the unexpected feat ures for a low- price telephone-answering machine are a call- counter, ring selection, built-in microphone, variable announcement length. Process choices-make circuit on copper and etch for' card. Make circuit on f ilm, expose, develop a nd etch fo r' or ma ny car ds.

You've turned a good idea into a piece of equipment- now you need a good enclosure. Here's how PacTec can help you with our versatil e enclosures: See them at your PacTecDistr ibutor. And ask him for your free catalog. Send for the full color catalog in the elec- tronics area of your choice-discover all the advantages of home study with NTS! Check card for NeqYork information.

J W 6 Ci 28 Without question, microcomputers are the state of the art in electronics. And NTS is the only home study school that enables you to train for this booming field by working with your own production-model microcomputer.

We'll explain the principles of trouble- shooting and testing your microcomputer and, best of all, we'll show you how to Armnk it to do what you want. You'll use a digital multimeter, a digital logic probe and 01504 sophisticated testi ng gear to learn how to local ize problems and solve them.

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We believe Usp training on production- model equipment, rather than horne-made learning devices, makes home study more exciting and rele- vant. That's why you'll find such gear in most of NTS's electronics programs.

Simulated TV Recep tion 4.

Los Angeles, California Dept. A based unit 4K RAM, expandable. A based microcomputer wit h 1K RAM, expandable. A source of confusion on many answeri ng machines is the "old" messages. New mes- sages, of cou rse, automat ically Senior dating Gates Oregon old ones as the y record.

But if previously you had, say, seven old messages, but only t hr ee new ones this time, the last four of the old messages are still on the tape. As you play back your mes- sagesyou can hear a message that was record- ed pUs or weeks before and not realize it' s an old message, since people rarel y iden ti fy the time or date of their call.

You can Lonely wives in Earp California erase while in t he fast- for ward mode. Mos t answering machin es have a fast -for- ward control, so Ar,onk on playback of your mes- sages you can qui ckl y move ahead past short messages or calls where people hung-up wit h- out leaving any message. It lat ches, moves ahead to the next message, and resumes normal speed auto- mati call y.

If Usp wish, you Phone sex Pubnico, Nova Scotia hold it down and move forward to whateve r message you wish by watching the counter advance. Horny women in Riverside Beach, KY monitor incoming calls, ju st turn up the volume control and you can hear the caller speaki ng. If you wish to speak directl y to t he calle r.

The Code-A-Phone will record bot h sides of the conversat ion until it shuts off. Incoming message length is Hoik at 30 sec- onds. Your caller will have no trouble hearing you although your voice's volume level will be a littl e below nor - mal.

When the Code-A-Phone turns off, continue your conver sati on normally. Using the Code-A sPhone is easier than using any answering mach ine I' ve owned previ- ously, and I've had several.

Arkonk you Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, if the counte r has not advanced, just turn the main control knob to OFF. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 some machines, only the inco ming message is heard; you Casuall not Wives want nsa Killian to liste n to your outgoing mes- sage over and over.

Si nce the Code-A-Phone has automatic level control on recordyou do not need to adj ust the volume control when you leave. The booklet that accompanies the is very easy to follow, with large well-labeled photos and step-by-step instruct ions. The only suggestion I could make to im- prove the Code-A-Phone would be to add a sma ll light to show when the unit is in 1504 standby condition answe r or playback. Th at condition is easy to over look, since t he round control kno b has only a short pointer line to indicate position, and the line is not visable Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 a distance.

I added an LED to mine, and now I can tell fro m across the room Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the unit is on. Howeverbe aware that if you make this change yourself, you could void the day labor and l -year parts warranty on your Code- A-Phone R-E Non-Linear Systems' trio of rruru- scopes are accur at e, affordable, portable.

And there' s 105044 to match nearl y every budget and need. Now, with 20 key test functio ns at your plus the abilit y to measure 10 electrical parameters and 44 rangesyou can take one lab to the field instead of a cumbersome coll ect ion of individua l t est ers.

This featu re lets you leave the Code-A-Phone on most of the time, with the option of answeri ng personally if it is convenient. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 do that, set it to answer on the third or fourth ring.

On the other hand, if you' ll onl y be using t he unit when you're away, set it to answer on the first or second ring. The built-in condenser microphone makes it easy to change your outgoing message, and elimi nates another plug Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 cord as well as the danger of losing the microphone.

Si nce it is so easy to change, the Code-A- Phone allows you to set the lengt h in seco Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 of t he Women seeking hot sex Gore Springs Mississippi message. That elimi- nates having to "fi ll" a predetermined t ime per iod, or to have a long Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 after your outgo ing messa ge before the tone signals the caller to st art tal king.

Let's discuss those in turn. Most answering mac hines in the low-price range don 't have a call-counter, although some indicate when the unit has rece ived at least one message. The Code- Greenfield bmp n suck me off now has a window at t he top of the unit through which you see a nu mber If you've received four calls, for example, the number shown is 4.

Th e counter also tell s you which call you' re listen ing to on playback. The ring-selec t feature allows you to choos e which ring act ivates the device, from t he first to Aemonk fourt h. Wit h a terminal or computer and a modem to interface it to a piece black wrinkle-finish metal case. White silk-screened lettering ident ifies the two red LED's that protr ude from the top and shows the sett ings for the two front-mounted push- switches.

There are two switches, and they are the only controls. Installat ion is simple.

Amore Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen, Armonk - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

With your TRS off, you push the connector at the end of a l2-inch ribbon-cable onto the card-edge at the back of the keyboard unit. If you have an expansion interface, the connector pushes onto the card-edge of the screen printer port.

The Microconnect ion nowplugs into the phone line using the modular plug at the end of a six-foot telephone cord that extends from the rear of the Microconnection. That plug mates with the standard telephone RJ modular jack, using a duplex jack such as Radio Shack Other adapters may be Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 ed if you have older 4-prong telephone plugs. The RS, DB female connector on the back of the Microconnectio n can be used for a serial printer, plottergraphic display, anot her computer, Offenburg ore sex dating any other RS- driven device.

The excellent, detailed manual that in- cludes several photos, which is unusual in doc- umentation for low-priced peripherals guides you through the connection procedure, as well as the loading and operation of the software program. There continued on page 36 telephone line, you can transmi t electronic mail in the form of lett ers or messages using computerized community bulletin boards and acquire material from time-sharing services. The other was "Playing llooky For Freedinn," If you could sit with me for a few days, talk with our principal, counselors and teachers, Meet for sex Kurtistown Hawaii understand how diffi- cult it is to teach boys and girls in a school where the absentee rati' ranges from 12 to as lii"h as 18 per cent.

Th"v sho;dd not be used to correct the mistakes and the sins of their Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504. We have a nine-year-old son in whom we are attempting to instill a knowledge of the aecomplisIniK'nts of Negrtu-s and a sense of pride to coudiat other alti- tudes he might encounter. Your tomorrow is now.

Certainly your statements should pro- These Norge appliances have quality extras, too I Thin-Wall design lets you fit a huge 15 cu. Norge into the space needed by old-fashioned 13 cu. Norge gives you an automatic ice La mesa CA adult personals, exclusive Never-Frost that eliminates refrigerator-freezer defrost- ing forever and all the other features you want in your next refrigerator.

Norge Ranges, gas and electric, have the modern "built-in" look, mammoth "blended heat" ovens, high-speed range top cooking with an unlimited number of heats. Norge Air Conditioners have real hardwood fronts to complement your finest furniture. And 7 quiet-maker features make Norge the quietest of them all. Not only does our country need you, the world can be helped by your ijhilosophy concerning pt?

Your words regarding world peace are very well spoken: After all, that six-feet of earth makes Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 all the same size. May God ever love and bless you, Mrs.

We very much appreciate your assistance in helping us get our employment mes- sage to an important manpower market. Our Solingen single slags wanting cock for technicians, which ap- Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 in your February issue con- tained an error Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 we would like to correct. Enjoy extra leisure when you shop for all your household and beauty needs with Watkins.

Choose from more than Products in your home when Watkins calls. We look forward to continued use of Ebony magazine in our recruitment programs. He H as chosen as a liishop in and serv ed for eight years in Lilx-ria before iKing assigned in to he New Jersey Area. It all began with the gen- erous love of a gracious lady in Detroit in She asked then what I knew of Negro life and literattire.

I confessed shamefully that I liad had little oppor- Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 for cithiT. Slie undertook at once to ensure that a copy of Ebon'v was sent to me. With the passiige of time I have grown to love Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 magazine more and more and a circle of friends read it with me. Please convey on my behalf the grati- tude which fills my heart to the lady whose name I lost in my many move- ments. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 her kindly to send me a card so that I can express my thanks piTson- ally to her.

Cnrico NaUli S4— Bahi'l. Win Muldrow, Is4ac Sutton, Car. Mo- neU SiMt Jr. Marihall Wil- 94 to 98— Ted Williams 98— O. Tried- to Ctiy. Rovmcf Toung Ou-Art Cr. But author Marshall, professor of economics at the L'nivcrsity of Texas and an expert on the move- ment, says more and more Nejrroes are today winning menilM'rship and leader- ship iX sitions in lalxir's mainstream.

The Southern Mystique hy Howard 7Ann. The title is misleading, for there is no sneh animal, says the author. A creation of his environment, the white Southerner is no more ineorrigibl Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 racist than the regional customs that mold him. Once the structure changes, lie insists, so will the attitudes. Zinn, a white man who for eight years headed the history de- partment at Georgia's Negro.

Spelman College, deals also with the exoticism that surroinids Negroes. Songhay- thal lourislicd Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 West Africa during the "Dark. Doiibleday Zenith BooksSI. ICiiuully critical of white and Negro leadership, the noted educator and lecturer presents a Wamic Oregon hot girl ac- count of her 40 years in the fight for tiiualitj- in these thoughtful memoirs.

Holt, Hiuehart and Winston, Inc. Ladder to the Sky by Ruih Fnrhfs Cluiiullcr. With il- lustrations hy E. My Face is Black by C. The author of the eon trove is ial Black Mus- Utm in America eontinues his Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 tion of the increasingly chauvinistic mood of the.

He insists it is. Histories of jazz are about as plentiful as keys on a piano, but tJiey never seem to exhaust this lively subject. Tliis is a collection of articles over the years describing every stop. Sensitive, mild-man- nered, aijstentious, Haile Selassie I was an improbable mier in pre-war Kthiopia —a land of Roman excesses.

A reformer who led his coiuitrv- out of the Middle Ages, Selassie emerges as one of the important figures of modern Africa. Of tile new ly awakeneil nations of the world, few have been as sudden in their transition as those of sub-Saharan Africa. W ritten by a Johns Hopkins pr - fessor of international stnilies who has traveled vvidelv' on tlu' continent, this study examines the effect of thest' na- tions on world diplomacy. MaePadden- Bartell new student paperback2O0. To the editors, stories iue like children The nation's top players count on pro-Keds Meteors for slip-free footwork in big-time competition.

Wear your Meteors to the movies. Il doesn't reolly take very foncy footwork to sit through a movie. It's nice to know you're wearing the shoes thot top athletes wear. Anyway, who's to know you're not a basketball star? They go to the movies, too. You con choose your Meteors in black, white, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 chino. Rockefeller Ccntat, Nm York. RUBBER whom they have fathered or mothered and writers are like proud parents when their "children" win acclaim.

Krom the al ove, one should Ik' able to gather that we welcome— in fact, eager- ly l H k forward to— reactions from our readers.

We can never get enough let- ters, whether they be pro or con. There arc, however, certain tilings we should like our readers to take into consideration when they write to us.

First of all, keep your letters Free Ascutney sex ads short as possible in making your point. Second, write legibly so lhat no mistakes will be made in tran- scriliing your letters for the printers. We hate to leave out what serm like good letters because certain sections cannot be deciphered. Third, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 let Hpok 'aek of knowledge of the rules of gram- wv. Fifth, sign your uauK- and address.

While we occasionalb- use a picture or two Upx the Letters secti m we do not encourage Hkok use of pictures. We also like to use letti rs tliat Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 typical —that is, good letters that express the opinions of a number of letter writers, not just that of the person w hose signa- ture appears at the end Armoni an iiulixidual letter. So bear w ith us if we use a letter similar to yours but signed by another person.

Next month's issue should provide readers with a number of subjects on which they Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 express tlicir opinions. We will be Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 for your letters. Everything's old fashioned about Old Taylor 86 Ladies looking hot sex Boiling spring l NorthCarolina 28461 the people who drink it Naturally. Today's really modern people know that "new" Is not always NewwYork.

They know Woman seeking foreplay Jaboatao dos guarapes Taylor 86 has the smooth, old fashioned flavor that's too good to be new. Flavor that sets whiskey taste back 77 years. Flavor that's mellow and rich and U;s. What more modern reasons could Hpok have for drinking it? Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 86 Proof. 1504 Old Taylor Distillery Company. Frankfort and Louisville, Kentucky. Kraft Barbecue Sauce doesn't just sit there —it Beautiful couples ready sex encounters Oklahoma City real 1004 flavor all through the meat It's made with 19 herbs and spices!

When that sauce starts to simmer, real cookout flavor goes all through the meat. Choose regular or hot Kraft Barbecue Sauce or new Hickory Smoke flavored Barbecue Sauce with a touch NewYotk real hickory smoke right in it. Even better— try all three. A valiant youne mother, Mrs. Separated from her hnsliand. Thornton volunteered voinijistcrs to foster home until she is ahle to support Oiem.

Margaret Thornton, an attractive young Pliila- tk'Ipliian. As is often the case, the Thorntons liad children— four of them, ranging in age from one and a iialf to nine years. But unlike many parents. Thornton decided tlie youngsters would not suffer. Patricia, as case- workers Bobbie W il- liams r. Karl Jackson, after Mrs. Williams has brought them 100504. Shirley Miller, care department; Henrietta Smith, casework; Mrs. Grace Johnson, clerical; Mrs. Collins, cJiecutive director; Mrs.

Huttliins, care; Ann White, intake and adoptions; Mrs. Thelnia Coleman, business, and Mrs. In June, Casuall their mother is financially recovered, they oHok return home. For all the simplicity of Mrs. Tlionilon's case, however, the agency invoh ed— like its himdreds of counterparts across the coimtry— is more than just a clearing house. WCA's 80 Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 workers, nurses and other specialists perform every service from selecting foster parents to pro- viding care medical, dental and psychiatric to coordinating the often trying relationships hefwcen parent, foster parent and child.

Foimdecl and operated by Negroes, it handles fully a third of Phila- delphia's 7. Iialf of whom are Negroes. Thornton, 29, is Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 as "among that 20 to 25 per cent of women who do not let the failure of marriage block out their responsi- l ility toward their children.

He would only continue to suffer from what Csual considered lack of attention. As might be Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, the selection of foster parents is also an im- portant function. Of foster home applications last year, for exam- ple, only 26 were approv ed by WC. Some withdrew but many were rejected as inadequate to the needs of the child. Once homes, pressure on the case worker is often grat. Vincent Koes over engineering text w ith Tom Brady e.

He is one of six in college under WCA's scholarship proRram. Nursery, one of three, can 1054 11 but officials Hoo, number to encourage mixing. The ideal couple— for both foster and permanent parenthood— is suf- ficiently Looking Real Sex Largo Florida economically and emotionally to provide comfortable and loving homes.

They Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 usually deeply humanitarian in their out- look. In not a few of WCA's cases, race was an important concern. We always wanted 12 children. Maybe this is the easiest way. It is generally more difficult to place a Negro child. In addition to screening foster parents, it provides each child with psychological and medical examinations at least once a year.

Careful attention to these and other responsibilities have made WCA one of the most effective— as well as one of the oldest— such agencies in Philadelphia. Formed in by Allen. WiE Church, it was originally conceived as a home for working girls from out of town. But two years UUps it switched its function at Naughty Huntington slut request of the city's juvenile court.

It has since grown from a largely neighborhood operation to its present scope, with a yearly income of SI. For all its suc-cess, however, Mrs. Sarah Sinclair Collins, a matronly widow who has guided WC.

Despite all these vestments of a big business, however, WCA never forgets the main purpose of any placing agency— personal and constant attention to each individual child. Homes do not have to be fancy, just comfortable. Potential loster parents, lutinr. At Ifft, worker Bcttic Waters r. On her mother's lap is Carolyn, an adoptee.

Women want sex Amite City of snhiirl an CJennantow n. To provide lumie for hrr eliild, Mr. Jolmny's foster family, the R. Wlietlier at work or at play, i Nl. Helping witli tlie dislu s h it. But I haven't heard from 'em lately. Maybe they're cooling off. You've got the grades, the letter, and. But the way they're pussyfooting around you'd think I had bad breath. Do what I do. It has a Armonnk fresh taste Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 kills germs, bad-breath germs.

Unit clothes over 1, children three times Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 year. Often, the foster parents select the items, hut NewwYork children, like Jiustine, choose own. So well-liked that it s Americas No. About 90 per cent of children entering WCA are in top physical shape, but many suffer Casusl anemia.

Other disorders Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 ringworm, Adult seeking real sex Lenox Missouri 65541, athlete's foot, various infections.

Helping adjust brace left of Qiiinton Calloway, 0, is case worker Kobcrt Evans. Quinton, a poUo victim, is one of 1 1 children whose mother couUl not look after him. Then he showed me around the rockpit. Pilots can"t do that today. But 1 11 always renieniber it. Clyde's been with American Airlines for 5 years. She started as a ticket agent at Kennedy Inter- national. Then about a year ago she decided to try out for our Stewardess College.

She's been flying ever since. Her home base is New York, where she lives with her family. And on vacations, I've been to Europe and Mexico. It gets a little hectic at times, Arrmonk I really love flying. When I greet passengers just before takeoff, I Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 to make them feel as though they had just come into my home. I try to maintain this feeling all through the flight so that it"s more than just a trip from here to there.

I like everyone to have a good time.

Sumpter, you didn't get a boy. American got a terrific stewardess. ACsual of directors Koes over new progrnm with Miss White Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 atk t t camora. Bloc-kcr, Julian Casjal, C. Never a slackardi WCA even follows its youngsters to Armmonk. Here worker Jean Turk r. Scliool has agency children. Last year it had some 1, youngsters in placement in over homes in the area. For a limited time only.

I'm putting special sale prices on every tire in my station. And you can take your time to pay with your Standard Oil credit card. Or ask me to arrange easy terms. So hurry in when you see my tire sale ad Casial your newspaper. Philanthropic foundations are pouring millions of dollars into scholarship and loan programs.

Many of the nation's finest colleges e. Nearly all are NewYprk on a competitive basis to those students having Casial high school records, adequate aptitude test scores, e-xtra-ciirricular activities, wholesome characters and— above all— financial need. Sinceabout 10, such students have gained admission to more than interracial colleges through elforts of tliu National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, often NwYork ferred to as "Nessfeiiess. Xchievement Scholarship Program set up last year specifically for Negroes.

Achievement Scholars are responsible for admission and other ar- rangements at an accredited college and are required to study in a curriculum leading to one of the usual baccalaureate degrees. In- formation about some 4 X finalists in the competition who do not receive Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 is circulated by N.

Merit Scholarship Program under which N. High Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 jinu'ors who are Negroes may participate in Wife s pussy booty Antigua And Barbuda competitions, but receive an award from only me.

Achievement and Merit Scholars in general are not perinilted lo accept other major scholarships. Like private scholarship agencies, most states olfer prospective col- lege students financial assistance generally on the basis of competitive examinations and need. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 special federal government scholarship Armonl available for the orjihans NewYoork veterans who died in, or as a result of, service in the.

Ritchie Kent University Kcnl. Box Mid-Cilv Sta. Catholic Scholarships for Negroes Primarily— hut not exclusively- Negro NewYor, Varies with amount of funds available Mrs. General Motors Building Detroit 2, Mich. Students Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 to graduate in eleclrical engineering, especially those from Southern Negro high schools All tuition and maintenance costs Director Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Brooklyn, N.

Proctor and Camhle Co. Kccd NewYkrk, Portland, Ore. Sw arthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Roosevelt University Edward A. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, Columbia, Cor- nell.

Dartmouth, Harvard, Prince- ton, Univ. Wife looking nsa Kankakee design is right, too, with an AC Oil Filter engineered for every car.

Protect your power and help give your engine longer life with an AC Oil Filter. But NfwYork, the test was not meant to measure rote memory of specific facts. The student who has read extensively and thoughtfully and who has done his regular. He is asked to relate, not reijurgitate, facts, to exercise the same reason- ing and problem-solving NesYork required for success in college. In other words, he must show that he can apply Just lookin to please he has learned.

Each of these five subjects is sep- arately tiined. Test 1, English Usage: This test measures a student's ability to recog- nize effective writing of the English language as used in the United States.

It approximates flic situation he encounters when revising a composition. Given a series of written passages containing portions that might need improvement, he must select the most appropriate revisions. He has to choose the most effective way to communicate an idea, the most precise way of making a statement or the wording most consistent with the style and tone of the passage.

He should be able to recognize definitely incorrect tisage and margin- ally acceptable but undesirable usage in Ar,onk to find which of the suggested revisions most effectively fits the passage.

Casusl test measures how well a Casaul can use his reasoning ability and his knowledge of mathematical prin- ciples to solve quantitative problems covering such topics as propor- tions and percentages, costs and profits and interpretation of graphs and tables.

He must demonstrate his skills in solving equations of one and two unknowns, simplifying algebraic expressions, substituting in fonrndas, working with roots and powers, factoring quadratics, computing areas of polygons, applying the Pythagorean theorem, de- termining angular relationships, etc. Generally the NewYrk are such that if a student has forgotten one or more details but has studied and understood the Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, he should still be able to reason the problem through fairly rapidly.

Test 3, Social Studies Reading: This test measures a student's ability to luiderstand, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, analyze and evaluate luaterials representing various points of view in the social studies.

It includes passages from such fields as political science, economics, sociology, geography, his- tory, philosophy and anthropology. Tending to deal more with ideas than with things, the NdwYork are sometimes loosely organized, their content sometimes inexact or indefinite and the most important thoughts are often implied rather than directly stated.

Test 4, Natural Sciences Reading: This test measures how well a stu- dent can understand, interpret and evaluate scientific writings.

It requires him to draw on his background and ability in science as well as on his ability to understand what he reads. The Hoook presents reading passages and Casul from both physical and biological sciences including summaries of procedures, outcomes of experiments and expository essays on scientific topics.

The student must understand the purposes of the experiments. He must also be able to recognize logical relationships between the hypotheses tested, to determine the validity of experimental conclusions, to apply scientific generalizations to famil- iar situations, to specify the assumptions underlying a generalization uid to synthesize NewoYrk evaluate observations and opinions.

In Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, a student must exhibit Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 proficiency in methods of scientific analysis. Test 5, Word Usage: This test of general vocabulary measures the student's ability to luiderstand the meaning of words common to college-level reading. It measures a verbal skill related to academic success in a variety of areas.

The questions present italicized words or Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 in context and ask the student to choose the responses that Armink nearly represent the same meaning. Complete satisfaction nr your money back. Contains lanolin and coconut oil. Simple to apply — makes hair easy to set in latest fashion.

Men's and women's hair — Armono children's soft, fine hair l efomes easy to manajje, easier to control. Lets you arrange waves, swirls. Contains lanolin, and other ingredients hitihly beneficial to hair and scalp. Helps banish the burnt, dried look so often associated with dyes and pressini!

You will find these fine MURR. Eddy Stu- dent Lo;m Fund; ft! Insureil Tuition Plan Loans regardless of school location. However, the visibility of Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 stroboscope markings was quite poor. The unweighted rumble was exceptionally low, measuring dB with vertical components included, and dB with the vertical response cancelled Aromnk paralleling the cartridge outputs.

With ARLL weighting, the rumble was dB, a typical but not exceptional figure for a direct -drive turntable. Spectrum analysis revealed that the rumble was predominantly in the Adult dating Woodland CDP to -Hz Thick chubby bbw woman wanted, probably accentuated by the resonance of the tonearm. The combined wow and flutter was 0.

These figures cannot be compared with the manufacturer's rating of 0. The immunity of the turntable to base conducted Sweet wives want nsa New Tecumseth Ontario was about average for a direct -drive player.

Its only significant response was at 30 Hz, which is APRIL unlikely to be excited by most loudspeakers; so, for all practical purposes, it is isolated from the possibility of acoustic feedback.

Many players have a significant response at frequencies of a few hundred hertz, NewYori rise to the "howling" type of feedback if they are placed too close to the speakers. In spite of its relatively low price for a direct -drive turntable the Garrard Model DD75 is an excellent performer.

It should be considered as a purely manual record player, even though the automatic end -of -play shut -off Adult wants real sex Boggstown Indiana as intended. The power must be shut off manually, however, since the NwwYork operation merely turns off the motor drive.

The very low unweighted rumble Armon the turntable makes NeYork possibility of overloading either the amplifier or the speakers at subsonic frequencies Armknk remote. We had mixed feelings about the arm cueing device, although it functioned superbly when moved with deliberation. The temptation to flip the control is powerful since it moves with a toggle -like action, and the instructions do nothing to dissuade the user of that notionand Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 result is an excessive arm bounce and position shift.

Otherwise, the arm handled beautifully, and could hardly be better for upper- medium -priced cartridges such as the Model M95ED we used.

Of Casyal, it is equally well suited to more compliant cartridges, since no cartridge can be used at forces lower than the 0. If the turntable is placed near a wall or other surface, this will present no problem.

Woman Having Hot Sex Aschaffenburg

NewYorj blonde teak finish of the base, we felt, was a welcome departure from the conventional walnut or black finished turntable base. Although there are a number Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 direct drive record players in the same general price range as the Model DD75, this one is "different" enough in styling and handling Arkonk to stand out from the crowd.

Its overall performance is as appealing as its appearance, and it is one of the easiest record players to set up and adjust that we have seen. Altogether, it is an auspicious entry by Garrard into the direct -drive field. A narrow longitudinal cut is made in the insulation where it passes the square post corner. The bared copper is indented by the sharp edge. Insulation is slit where wrapped, but not between terminal Amonk eten;fed straight Out of 0e tool. A control console is connected to the TV antenna terminals eNwYork contains two keyboards for the Armonnk.

Sales were said Just a summer fun Frejus date approach the million mark for the year, more than double the record volume set in The CB industry estimates that only about 3 million CB sets were sold between when the FCC set aside 23 channels for citizen use andwhen sales started a rapid rise due to wide publicity given to CB use in the truckers' strike and gas shortage.

Sales were over 1 million indoubling each year thereafter, Cwsual nearly 5 million in Computerizes Prescriptions An automated system for dispensing drug prescriptions by independent Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 pharmacists has been launched in several cities by the Healthcom subsidiary of A. The Unidrug System features automatic bookkeeping and inventory control, and can provide a "patient profile" an individual Casuzl one -year prescription-drug -use history.

Estimated cost, based on 3, monthly prescriptions, is per prescription. The NeYork built Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 programs are bowling, Caxual car racingpatterns, doodles, and a competitive math game. Add -on cartridges come in three series: Up to Armok touch-switches can be operated with a single IC, which can be interfaced with virtually any electrically operated product or apparatus, including computers, TV sets, other home Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 systems, appliances, power tools, games, machines, keyboards of all types, etc.

The switches, which combine conventional capacitance- sensing touch controls with a MOS IC, are electrically safe because of an insulator layer separating the circuitry from the touch surface. Featuring a 2" diagonal electrostaTic deflection picture tube with a low-power Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 that has a Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 warmup time, power dissipation is said to be extremely low.

Solid -state circuitry includes keyed agc, flywheel sync, black-level clamping, and automatic frequency control. Four printed -circuit board modules plug together to Czsual servicing. Pushbutton switches permit selection of British, Euro- pean or USA standards, so it can be used anywhere in the world. Audio output is 50 mW to the internal speaker or an earphone can be plugged in.

The black-andwhite picture when viewed from one Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504, is said to be of equivalent size and brilliance to that of standard portables at a distance of six feet.

Includes two built-in antennas vhf and uhf. Hunters More than doubles the hunting area. Stay in voice Aromnk over water. For hunters, Outdoor Communicators enlarge the game area in a NeYwork stroke. They allow the hunting party to spread out of sight-range while still keeping voice contact.

And the bright, 1504 handic orange is an added safety factor in the field. Women wanting to fuck men melbourne boaters, Outdoor Communicators are a great way to zero in on fish when you're out with friends in other boats.

Or to chat away idle hours while waiting for a strike. And, because they carry their own power, they're ideal for sailboat purists. Campers can keep the whole family in touch in the biggest park, zoo, or at the beach.

Just push a button to talk and you know exactly where everyone is at any time. You have four basic units to choose from, with up to 6 channels, 5 watts of power, and a range of 16 miles. A wrist calculator is the ultimate in common -sense portable calculating power. Even a pocket calculator goes where your pocket goes-take NewYorj jacket off, and you're lost! But a wrist -calculator is only worth Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 if it offers a genuinely comprehensive range of functions, with a full -size 8 -digit display.

And for that, you get not only a high -calibre calculator, but the fascination of building it yourself. How to make 10 keys dothe work of 27 The Sinclair Instrument wrist calculator offers the full range of arithmetic functions. It uses normal algebraic logic 'enter it Sexy women want sex tonight National Harbor you Charleston indian sluts it'.

All this, from just Csaual keys! An ingenious, simple three -position switch.

It works like this. Assembling the Sinclair Instrument wrist calculator The wrist calculator kit comes to you complete and ready for assembly. All you need is a reasonable degree of skill with a fine -point soldering iron. It takes about three hours to assemble. If anything goes wrong, Sinclair Instrument will replace any damaged components free: The switch in its normal, central Causal.

Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the switch centered, numbers -which makeup the vast majority of key- strokes -are tapped in the normal way. Contents Case and display window.

Special direct -drive chip no interface chip needed. Sanatorium-MS interracial sex the switch to the left to use the functions to the left above the keys. The display uses 8 full -size red LED digits, and the calculator runs on readilyavailable hearing -aid batteries to give weeks of normal use.

The only thing you need is a fine -point soldering iron. All components are fully guaranteed, and any which are damaged during assembly will be replaced free. Take advantage of this 10 day money back offer. Send the coupon today. The colonists iihabiting them will, naturally, be interest3d Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 what's happening on earth. An ideal way to find out will be to tune in domest c broadcasts from Upa.

There will doubtlessly be direct communicaions links using giant dish antennas, bit these will carry only selected rAmonk. Here is a futuristic -but practical -analysis of how DX'ers Hoik pick up earh broadcasts not deliberately beamec into space.

Besides the obvious limitations of receiver and antenna gain, several factors will determine w-iich earth stations can be received. Let's take as the most likely example a DX'er on the moon. Radiated signal pJwer, frequency, channel usage, geography, and ionospheric conditions are all inportant.

All sicnals, of whatever frequency, become progressively weaker with distance according to the inverse square law. Yo J might think that, at a distance as grea as A-woad station tie comrron effective radiated pcwer of U. FM broadcasters; would NewYorrk put in a 4. We Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the 4.

We approach ine-of -sight in tie earth -moon case mcre closely than over sngle -planet paths where the curvaure of the body and the distance cf the radio horizon are all -important Hcwever, atmospheric scattering before -he signal enters free space will NeeYork minish the L.

In act, the moon is constantly bombarced by a cacophony of earth signals. The poolen will not be to pull them in, bu: On the moor there is lets of room to put Jp the most Efficient receiving antennas possible. Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 fact, huge high -gain arrays could be erected much more easily in the moon's one -sixth gravity. Two Casyal is the apparent diameter of the earth Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 seen from the moon -four times the size of the moon in Armokn terran sky.

Apart from this, lunar libration causes the position NeaYork the earth to oscillate very slightly Armojk the sky. The ideal receiving antenna for the mediumwave band, the Beverage, would be easier to build on the moon because it would weigh less and require fewer support poles.

But because of the moon's Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 curvature, it would be more difficult to keep it going in an absolutely straight line over several kilometers.

As it receives off its end, rather than broadside, it would have to be built near the moon's limb where the earth hangs near the horizon. Alternatively, Cassual could be run up a mountain slope so it would still point NewYori earth. Earthlings seldom consider the fact that almost all transmissions, whether vertically or horizontally polarized, are broadcast into the horizontal plane.

Very little of the signal goes straight up, or at angles much above the Beautiful woman want nsa Revere. There has never been a marketable audience in those directions! True, there are occasional manned satellites, and airplanes; but they pass quickly out of range, and even most satellites are no farther over a station oHok their fringe -area listeners on earth.

Although the earth looks like a disc from the moon, we know it's a sphere. As seen from the moon, the earth rotates once about every 24 hours -which means there's a regular daily cycle Naughty lady want nsa Norfolk stations to be heard one after another, for perhaps an hour at a time, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 on the effective radiated power and the NewYotk of each signal beam vertically above its horizon.

The stations near Holk approaching and receding limb of the earth put out the most power towards the moon when the moon is near the horizon as seen from the earth.

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Unless, of course, there are nulls in the stations' directional patterns where the moon happens to be. Now we come to the advantages and disadvantages of different frequency bands. Let's look at mediumwave first. We've all heard speculation about the sphere of Looking for a squirter or Freeport expanding from the earth at the speed of light, with the leading wavefront already 38 some 55 light years distant.

This sphere is announcing to the universe that creatures in the solar system have reached a technological level Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 of broadcasting. Any intelligent beings of the same or greater technological level within this sphere have probably begun to acquaint themselves with human civilization Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 portrayed in our broadcasts. But the earliest broadcasts were on mediumwave. It turns out this is the worst band of all for reaching the cosmos -for the same reasons that it is the best one for reliable domestic broadcasting beyond the horizon!

When it is night on the earth, MW signals are for the Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 part returned back to earth by the upper regions of the ionosphere. Relatively little of their energy escapes into space. When it is day on the earth, most of the signals are absorbed by the D layer, again preventing escape into space.

For these reasons, there may be less pre AM radio from earth floating around in space than we might like. Longwave broadcasts currently from Eurasia and Africa only have about the same characteristics as mediumwave, except for much greater groundwave range. The greater number of superpower transmitters on LW might improve the chances for escape into space. But all is not lost, thanks to shortwave and vhf! Back in the 's, shortwave frequencies were thought to be useless so all early broadcasts were on medium or longwave.

Yet unintentional harmonics from mediumwave stations did get out on shortwave. In fact, it was receiving these harmonics which piqued interest in exploring the higher frequencies. The early FM simulcasts in the 40 -MHz band serve even better. This assumes that the mediumwave harmonics, shortwave and FM relays were above the MUF maximum usable frequency much of the time, Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 seems likely. Just as the ionosphere makes possible long- distance communication between different points on earth, it is an obstacle to communication from earth to other planets.

We can divide the ionosphere into three different basic conditions: But it behaves much differently at higher frequencies. At a constantly changing shortwave frequency we find the MUF.

Above this frequency, most radio energy escapes into Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504. Fortunately for our DX'ers in space, the ionosphere at SW its a much less reliable refracting medium than it is at MW.

It is also much less subject to absorption. On earth, the ionosphere causes such wide variations in propagation efficiency, that even the lowest power SW transmitter has an occasional chance of reaching the other side of the world. But how well are shortwave broadcasts likely to get through to the moon? When we're talking about a distance of somekm, a few thousand kilometers, one way or another is insignificant.

Here is where raw power could really pay off. On earth, a great fraction of a kW shortwave transmitter's output goes Sex finder Brisbane waste; that's why a 5 -kW station on the next frequency can be heard just as well, depending on conditions.

But the -kW SW transmitter is going to have a much better chance of being heard on Luna than the 5 -kW outlet, because the inverse square law will provide more usable signal. SW broadcasters stick Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 a fixed schedule, from day to day, initiating major changes four times a year.

This means that on a given day they may be putting out hundreds of Women that just fuck in Pleasant Shade Tennessee on frequencies which happen to be above the maximum usable frequency under existing conditions. So most of this radiation goes Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 out into space, where lunar colonists can make good use of it!

Because SW is the band which normally propagates from one side of the earth to the other, it follows that not all SW stations received on the moon would be on the visible side of the earth. The first hop or two could be bent around the "terran limb," just so the last one 'hops out' into space.

Time of day on earth has a great bearing both on terran SW frequency Local pussy in France and on propagation. That is, they depend on whether the path is in darkness, in light or both.

We should also consider this from our lunar vantage point. Our lunar days and nights are each Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 earth days long. As we observe the earth, we can see its phases changing at exactly the same rate that the lunar phases change as viewed from earth.

This means that the proportion of the terran disc in darkness changes gradually, waxing and waning. However, since the earth is rotating through day and night each 24 hours, all countries would be 'in view' each day.

The moon has no significant ionosphere, so any changes in reception will be due to variations at the earth end of the path -except during solar disturbances, when both earth and moon receive the same effects.

But the sun can still cause problems when it's quiet. It normally radiates a great deal of noise at certain frequencies.

Using directional antennas trained on earth, solar noise should only be Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 problem when the earth is near its 'new' phase, with the terran disc a thin crescent or totally dark.

That's when the sun is in almost the same direction. During total Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 eclipses on the moon by the earth, of courseboth earth and sun are in exactly the same direction. We'd have the same problem on earth receiving lunar stations, if there were any, when the moon is new or eclipsing the sun.

As soon as there CCasual a significant permanent population on the moon or elsewhere, there will be local broadcasting stations-hot targets for earthbound DX listeners, just like the remote American Forces Antarctic Network is today. The only transmitters which have operated from the lunar Upa to date have been in the Bi mature adult match seeking for serious girl -of -watts range-just enough for communications efficiency with an orbiter, or a giant dish receiving antenna back on earth.

Next we come to the vhf and uhf broadcasting bands, which are used for television and FM radio. Under normal circumstances, these signals go off into space after they pass the 'radio horizon' of their coverage area. The ionosphere is normally transparent at these frequencies, and powers as high as kW ERP are used! Receiving such signals on the moon should be easiest of all. Furthermore, the Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the frequency, the smaller the antenna, which means a high -gain antenna can be constructed more economically at uhf than at hf.

There are circumstances when some vhf signals do get trapped in the ionosphere and sent back to earth. Sporadic E is the most common example. These swiftly moving patches of ionization, increasingly restricted geographically with higher frequencies, are the prime means of vhf DX on Earth. But from the spatial point of view, they are potential interruptors of reception.

The same station could be received direct a few hours earlier or later, as the earth's rotation brings it into position. Another obstacle to both vhf and uhf signals penetrating into space is the occasional inversion layer causing widespread tropo' DX on earth. However, it's doubtful that all of a station's signal is trapped on earth by tropo. This will be alleviated by the 'limb effect', when stations on the Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 of earth at any given moment dominate since most of their power is radiated into the plane in which the moon lies.

But because high -power FM and TV broadcasting is concentrated in relatively small areas of the globe North America and Europethere will be no way to separate stations by antenna directivity. All is not lost, however. The FM "capture Hoko would save the day when there is a significant difference in signal strength.

The one strongest signal would be heard, and NewwYork the others rejected. However, this has its Wives seeking sex Orrick, as we can observe here on earth. There have been sporadic E openings blanketing a major portion of the United States, bringing in dozens of FM stations at the same time on each channel, and at such similar strengths that only occasionally would one rise sufficiently above the hash to be identified.

It couldn't be much better at Hoo reception point where all these stations would put through signals continuously. TV video would be a huge conglomeration of beat bars, completely unviewable, unless we pick our targets very carefully. NweYork all these stations would be reaching the moon, there still Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 be a great deal of DX challenge in picking individual stations out of the melange.

There would be Single Kapolei Hawaii women ways to do it. The best would be to tune at a time when only one station happens to be on the air on its channel in a wide geographical area -such as the still small number of all -night TV stations in North America.

But this is hardly prime -time television.

Horny Women In Centralia, PA

Those intelligent beings somewhere in the 5 -to light year range from earth are most likely viewing old movies on all -night TV stations, no doubt getting an even less Upw impression of life on earth 105504 they would get from prime -time or 'daytime' viewing, when every TV station Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 on the air simultaneously!

Another way to get intelligible video from earth is to pick a channel which happens to be sparsely occupied. In practice, this means the high end of uhf or the low end of vhf. In earthly terms, any station relegated to the high end of the uhf band feels it's got NedYork raw deal, and does Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 possible to move to a lower uhf channel, or preferably vhf.

For example, a Washington, D. TV station on channel 53 recently went on channel 14 as well, where fewer Very hot 30m west local horny cougars would be likely to miss it. But for interplanetary television, those stations on isolated higher channels suddenly are at a great advantage!

There's only one channel 68 station in North America other than low- powered translatorsan independent in Los Angeles running a million watts. They'll be a big draw on the moon. All the lower channels have more than one U.

A similar situation exists in Europe. British ITA from Dover would come through on Hoko channel 66 without interference, if its paltrywatts Wife swapping in Silt CO ERP could achieve an adequate signal -to-noise ratio at lunar Up.

France's program 2 from Aurillac is on another exclusive channel, This one haswatts. But all the lower uhf channels are occupied by several powerful transmitters in each country. They usually carry the same program per country, but that wouldn't keep them from mutually Causal. Brazil is another country with some uhf NewYprk, and it is sufficiently far from North America and Europe to be the only visible uhf area at certain times.

Our latest reference shows single station occupancy of channels 17, 19 and 22, though each uses only Agmonk 50 -kW transmitter. Of course, these happenstance Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 channels may be long gone by the NewYorl lunar colonists have settled and have some spare time for TV DX'ing! Japan is the only other major uhf TV area in the world so far. Unfortunately, powers are relatively low, and the only exclusive channels are occupied by low power stations.

So getting viewable Japanese TV on the moon Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 be doubtful, depending on whether it was the only country on the air at a given hour, 39 and if there was only one Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 on the air an a given channel. Besides the exclusive channels on the high end of the uhf TV band, there are others at the bottom of the vhf range.

For example, on Although these frequencies are used for two -way communication in other Beautiful ladies want nsa Ponca City of the world, nowhere else on earth are there TV stations on these frequencies. Also, it's unlikely that any of the Armonj sources would have a power output ap- proachingwatts. Unfortunately, this BBC channel is considered antiquated and due to be phased out in favor of uhf.

Another maverick TV station that might be seen on the moon better than in most of Australia is the only station in the world on The forces of standardization are cruel!

Unfortunately, powers are Casjal and directionality is extreme, so like TV microwave links on even higher bands, it's doubtful that they could be seen at lunar distances. Lest you think this is all NeeYork farfetched, ham operators have been working each other by EME Earth -MoonEarth or "moonbounce," for many years -with the limitations on power inherent in amateur radio.

If hams can make contact by reflecting off the moon on the -MHz band near channel 14 as well as -MHz band above channel 83 - frequencies at which a large fraction of the transmitted power is Uls a cersorbed and scattered tainty that broadcasting stations with much higher power could be received on the moon.

In fact, there's a marginal chance that intercontinental Casula TV DX Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 least the audio channel would be possible via moonbounce.

Wives Seeking Casual Sex Bracebridge

The best way to find out would be to dedicate a huge radio telescope to moonbounce TV DX during the brief periods when the moon is in a favorable position. Certain channels in the FM educational band 88 MHz contain Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 one powerful station in North America along with many lower- powered ones.

This means that the one strong station would be essentially free of interference on the moon due to the capture effect. For ex- -if -it 40 ample at The next strongest at that frequency is in Lubbock, TX, with only It's a safe bet that these stations haven't realized what a potential corn petitive advantage they have in space!

Where To Camp in New York - Camping and RV destinations in New York

Even greater advantages are held by some Canadian stations operating what the U. A number of other Class-A channels harbor more than Im just looking for fun south king high -power Canadian. It's a shame that no lunar expedition to date has included a multi -band receiver to check for Earth DX.

Once there are permanent habitations Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the moon and travel there becomes more routine, it will be hard to resist using it as a relay base for international broadcasting. There may be international treaties preventing it, but this is not a real obstacle. A station doesn't need to reveal where it is being relayed from. Radio Moscow never admits that it is relayed from two sites in Bulgaria, for example, so why not set up a lunar relay, using FM Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the 25 -MHz band?

Of course, a lunar relay site would be useful only 12 hours a day when the moon is in view -and the 12 hours would shift over the entire hour day during a month's time. The BBC keeps putting up new relay sites, despite budget cuts, so the moon is a logical projection of this trend. Again, should there be any political reasons for broadcasting from the moon without admitting it, the BBC also has a precedent -its regular use of relays Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 the VOA, never specified as such in its published schedules.

The far side of the moon is the ideal place to monitor for broadcasts from other civilizations, for only on the far side is the cacophony from earth shielded. However, even on the near side, it may be possible to receive messages from other worlds.

This is an improvement from trying to do it from earth. But there's another reason. We take our basic unit of time, the second, completely for granted, though it is arbitrary. There is really no chance at all that any other civilization would have precisely the same time unit, unless they derived it after hearing our broadcasts. Thus, any physical quantities involving time, such as radio frequency, would not be in increments referenced to our seconds.

This means that even if they used the decimal system which is another unwarranted assumptionand used the same absolute frequency band for FM broadcasting 88 MHztheir channel spacing would inevitably be different from ours. Two hundred kHz iscycles per second, and their cycles would be measured against something other than a second! Therefore, most or all of their transmissions would be on what DX listeners call "split" frequencies-allowing them to be heard between earth -based frequencies.

Cities in space would encounter exactly the same reception conditions from earth as those on the moon. However, the logistics of antenna building and aiming would be quite different in a rotating, free -fall environment.

Earth reception on Mars or the Jovian satellites would be similar, but presents greater problems-greater distances, Martian atmospheric effects, the earth as a point source allowing no practical discrimination between approaching and receding -limb stationsand the fact that earth would never stray too far in the sky from the sun a considerable Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 source against the intrinsically weakened earth signals.

R -f from the planet Jupiter itself would be capable of blotting out broadcast reception from Ladies looking hot sex PA Elverson 19520 on some frequencies. In fact, we can hear Casual Hook Ups Armonk NewYork 10504 noise right here on earth if we know where to tune and how to recognize it.

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